Operational Plan to Scale up Quality Kindergarten Education in Ghana    

Ghana is committed to delivering a high-quality education to all of Ghana’s children and young people in order to provide the basis for both rapid socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.  As part of this commitment, it has a target of 100% enrolment in Kindergarten (KG).  The Ministry of Education and its operational arm, the Ghana Education Service, recognise the importance of ensuring that KG education is delivered by well-trained teachers with a child-centred approach in buildings that are fit for purpose.  There have been a number of small pilot programmes supported by international agencies and voluntary organisations that have demonstrated the potential of such an approach and the next step has been the development of an ambitious Operational Plan to roll out the approach across Ghana.  Tecis was commissioned by Coffey International Development to estimate the detailed costs involved in delivering this Operational Plan.  These costs will be used to identify funding sources for the many activities (over 80) required to implement the Plan in full.  The Narrative Report for the Operational Plan is available here.

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