Social Policy

Social policy has changed dramatically over the past 30 years. In education, health and social care, we have moved from a situation where service provision was largely uniform, designed and delivered by central or local government to one where the emphasis is on public/voluntary/private sector partnerships delivering a customised package of services to meet the specific needs of individuals. The public sector continues to accept the responsibility of financing these services but is now only one among many providers. In this situation, the public sector’s main roles focus on: identifying target groups and developing appropriate policy mechanisms to meet their needs;

  • developing appropriate funding mechanisms;
  • monitoring the delivery of services by the variety of service providers; and
  • evaluating their impact.

The reorientation of the role of the public sector results in a strategic focus on the causes of deprivation. This replaces the previous emphasis on ameliorating the effects. Tecis Ltd contributes to this process by:using economic and statistical analysis to facilitate evidence-based policy development;

  • undertaking literature reviews to synthesise current knowledge relevant to the proposed policy development;
  • advising on the development of monitoring indicators and the data required to operationalise them;
  • designing and implementing evaluation instruments; and
  • designing and delivering training for decision makers in relevant techniques.

The United Kingdom has been a pioneer in these developments in social policy. They are now spreading across Europe, particularly in the new EU Accession countries. Tecis Ltd plays an active part in this dissemination process by working in many parts of central and eastern Europe as well as in the UK.

We pride ourselves in preparing high-quality reports based on rigorous analysis that are at the same time easily accessible to non-specialist readers.
We work with government departments and international agencies concerned with social development and use a number of tools in our work. These tools include:

We provide training in all three areas.

Recent Case Studies:

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International - Operational Plan to Scale up Quality Kindergarten Education in Ghana

Upcoming Courses:

20 October 2016 Durham Economic Analaysis for Social Policy Decisions

23 November 2016 Durham Value for Money Assessment


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