We think it’s important that you are able to consider all aspects when making decisions. These decisions are particularly difficult when they concern activities that don’t seem to have an immediate financial pay-off.

For companies, such activities will include overheads such as marketing, staff development and product or service improvement.

For many public sector bodies, such activities are their core function. Education, health and social care are all provided or supported by national or local government without charge but incur significant costs.

Do you have a way of deciding how much to spend on these activities?

If you don’t, you may be tempted to cut these areas when the financial climate is difficult and this may cause real economic damage in the long term. Or, if you have to reduce spending, you may stop doing those that are easiest to cut rather than those that have the least value.

In order to make good decisions about your investment in such activities, you need to know:

  • what type of impact each investment has and the value of that impact;
  • the full cost of the investment;

and, therefore,

  • the overall economic impact.

We can help

Tecis can help you by:

  • carrying out bespoke research to assess the value for money that you are currently obtaining;
  • carrying out bespoke research to identify and assess options for development;
  • advising you on the information that it would be useful for you to collect to support ongoing monitoring of value for money;
  • training your staff so that they can assess proposed projects in this way.

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