Value for Money

All organisations need to consider whether they are getting the most out of their spending.

Do you want to know whether it’s worthwhile continuing with some recurrent expenditure?

You may have annual team building exercises or offer short courses to your middle management.

Do you know what this costs?  Of course you know what you are paying external training providers but have you worked out how much your own staff time is worth?

Do you know what you are getting out of this spending?  Is it making your staff more productive?  How?  And how much is this extra productivity worth?

Do you think that some action has been worthwhile but you need to convince other people?

You may have introduced a breakfast club in your school and want to persuade a local business to contribute some funding to enable it to continue.

Can you show that business how much the breakfast club is valued by the children, parents and the local community?  What impact does it have?  How will that business benefit from supporting it?

Do you know how much it costs?  You may know the food costs but do you know how much it costs to organise and supervise?  How do you replace equipment?

Are you considering scaling up an initiative?

You may have introduced a new staff appraisal system for middle managers and are considering rolling it out for all staff.

What would this cost?  Would you expect to get the same benefits for all staff?

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